McKinley Schoolhouse

McKinley Schoolhouse 2012
photo by Kay Sawyer Hannah, 2012

McKinley Schoolhouse, 1855
653 Harrington Road
Pemaquid [Falls], Maine USA 04558

McKinley School – The Vision:
A “VESSEL” of LEARNING for the past, present and future!
One of 21 schoolhouses built in Bristol described in the following online booklet:
Woodstoves and Backhouses: The Schoolhouses of Bristol, Maine 1800-2000. A brief history of the 21 schoolhouses, most consisting of one room, that served to educate our youth for over 200 years. For most of that time, Bristol included what is now South Bristol and South Bristol schools are included up to current times. Wherever possible, photos of the school in early days are included along with photos that show the same building as it looks today. Bound copies are for sale at Round Pond Schoolhouse Association or can be viewed at the Bristol Area Library and Rutherford Library.” ~ Phil Averill, Author

One-Room Schoolhouse Center

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1950 – Eleanor Sproul, teacher

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Student list here.

McKinley School – The IMPACT with LINKS to the past, present and future.
Here are three family examples:

Asa Johnson DODGE [1848-1926] / New Harbor Cemetery /
Married in 1879 to Clara Frances Partridge: Birth March 7, 1852 in Pemaquid, Maine / Death 1926 in Pemaquid, Maine. All children born in Bristol.
“Founded The Dodge Chemical Company in 1893 in Boston,Suffolk, Massachusetts and established the The New England Institute of Anatomy, Sanitary Science, and Embalming in 1907.”

01 AJDodge
A. Johnson Dodge, Founder
Kristie Mike and Debbie DODGE Kristie, Mike and Debbie Dodge, 2014
DODGE / The Dodge Company having worldwide impact.

POOLE / Poole Brothers Lumber / 2011 Now Hammond Lumber

SPROUL / “Sproul’s Furniture, located ‘by the bridge’ in Newcastle, ME was founded by John A. Sproul in 1938.” / Lions Club Presentation

** What impact DID this vessel of learning have on Bristol and the world of the
PAST ? **

The Town of Bristol is composed of EIGHT historic villages :
Bristol Mills 04539 / Village Data ,
Chamberlain 04541 / Village Data ,
New Harbor 04554 / Village Data ,
Pemaquid [Falls] 04558 / Village Data ,
Pemaquid Harbor,
Pemaquid Beach 04559, / A Summer Place, DownEast Magazine July 2013
Pemaquid Point and
Round Pond 04564 / Village Data.


22aug2012 Peter Hope, author of the book “Special Places,” will be speaking at the Washington School in Round Pond on Sunday evening at 6:30 p.m. This is a combined meeting of the Old Bristol Historical Society and the Round Pond Schoolhouse Association.

** What impact DOES this vessel of learning have on Bristol and the world of the PRESENT ? **

Building Committee Accomplishments
Summer Programs
Historic Postcards of Bristol

Citizens of Bristol, Maine

** What impact WILL this vessel of learning have on Bristol and the world of the FUTURE ? **

Summer Programs for 2014 – 2015

V2G Grid-Integrated Transportation & Storage / DE / CA / Denmark / Honda World


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