War of 1812

War of 1812 Timeline of Major Events

The Economic Disaster Caused by the War of 1812

“The economic disaster of the War of 1812 damaged the trading economy of the Damariscotta River communities and resulted in much hardship in Walpole. By the time of Maine’s statehood in 1820 as half of the Missouri Compromise, fishing, both near- and off-shore, was starting to become an important economic force on the Bristol peninsula.” – South Bristol Historical Society

Battle of Hampden


Man of War British “Man of War” Click to ENLARGE.
“At the outbreak of the War of 1812, America’s prospects looked dismal. It was clear that the primary battlefield would be the open ocean—but America’s war fleet, only twenty ships strong, faced a practiced British navy of more than a thousand men-of-war. Still, through a combination of nautical deftness and sheer bravado, the American navy managed to take the fight to the British and turn the tide of the war: on the Great Lakes, in the Atlantic, and even in the eastern Pacific.
In 1812: The Navy’s War, prizewinning historian George C. Daughan tells the thrilling story of how a handful of heroic captains and their stalwart crews overcame spectacular odds to lead the country to victory against the world’s greatest imperial power. A stunning contribution to military and national history, 1812: The Navy’s War is the first complete account in more than a century of how the U.S. Navy rescued the fledgling nation and secured America’s future.”

The Captains of the Boxer and the Enterprise at Eastern Cemetery

Maine Militia , War of 1812: Lieut. Col. Robert Day’s Regiment

Against All Odds: United States Sailors in the War of 1812 by Charles E. Brodine Jr., Michael J. Crawford, Christine F. Hughes

Commodore Samuel Tucker, War of 1812 / Grave in Bremen /

The Naval War of 1812 – A Documentary History
The Naval War of 1812 – A Documentary History Volume III 1814–1815 Chesapeake Bay, Northern Lakes, and Pacific Ocean Part 4 of 7, 2002 84 pgs.

Naval History and Heritage

Maine Genealogy Archives

1812 News ~ Honoring The War Of 1812

Books on the War of 1812

Field Artillery of the War of 1812

Cannon from War of 1812 headed to Bath

Canon from War of 1812

War of 1812 Records on Fold3

Fort Edgecomb
Historic Forts of Maine


Fort William Henry


Fort Popham

Fort Knox
Friends of Fort Knox


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